Abbott Road Rehabilitation

Alaska Project No. Z539420000 Federal Project No. 0506003


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The State of Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities is designing improvements to two miles of Abbott Road between Lake Otis Parkway and Birch Road in Anchorage. The portion of Abbott Road between Elmore Road and Birch Road has the highest crash rate of any Anchorage Hillside collector. Drivers of this corridor currently experience delays and long queues during their morning and evening commutes. DOT&PF is constructing The Abbott Road Rehabilitation project in two separate phases. The Phase I project involved work from Lake Otis Pkwy. to Jupiter Rd. which was completed in 2017. The Phase II project involves work from Elmore Rd. to Birch Rd. DOT&PF expects to advertise the Phase II project in Spring of 2018 with construction beginning in the summer of 2018. Utility work along the corridor should also begin in early spring of 2018.



This is a 3R (Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation) project. The primary purpose of a 3R project is to improve the riding surface and enhance operating conditions and safety. These projects preserve and extend the service life of existing roadways - safety is their essential element. They are developed and designed in a manner that identifies and incorporates safety improvements. Economic considerations are also a major factor in determining their priority and scope.

Phase I: Lake Otis Parkway to Jupiter Drive Details

Phase II: Jupiter Drive to Birch Road Details

Project Vicinity Map

Project Vicinity Map